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Chapter 3 Episode 7: “Against the Odds”

While J.D. travels to Ukraine, Clay kills his biggest buck to date.

Chapter 3 Episode 6: “Labor”

With both of their wives pregnant, Joe and Adam feel an extra measure of pressure during the rut.

Chapter 3 Episode 5: “Decoyed”

In Iowa, two new team members learn the struggles of adding a camera to their hunting routine.

Chapter 3 Episode 4: “The Vine”

As hard core bow hunter and college pastor Daniel Hood seeks to fulfill a 3 year quest for a Kansas buck, Brad Lotz finds himself in an unusual spot in Northern Missouri.

Chapter 3 Episode 3: “Redemption”

Kyle Balik hits the Iowa timber to right the wrongs of the past season. Determined to put himself in the best possible scenario for success, he spends the lead up to season making the proper preparations. It all pays off in a big way as he and Joe encounter one buck after another leading up […]

Chapter 3 Episode 2: “Sweat Equity”

As season opens, everyone’s hard work in the off season begins to pay off. In northern Missouri, Rick takes out a first time bow hunter and finds himself looking through the lens at a velvet monster.

Chapter 3 Episode 1: “Go West”

As Joe, Gary and Parker head to South Dakota to hunt public land muleys, Jon heads to Wyoming with Clay to try and tag a trophy antelope.

Chapter 2 Episode 14: “A Glimpse of Heaven”

Clay and Rick join the crew from QAD on the adventure of a lifetime to Alaska.

Chapter 2 Episode 13: “Up North”

J.D. and Joe wrap up the season with a black bear hunt at Tippmann Outfitters in Quebec.

Chapter 2 Episode 6 “More Than Myself”